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Commodities Focus

Oct 20, 2022

Market participants expect a supply glut in 2022-23 amid record Brazilian soybean output forecast by different agencies. If Brazil can produce a huge volume of the oilseed in the upcoming marketing year, that could have major implications for US soybeans exporters and for Chinese demand. 

In this podcast, S&P Global...

Oct 12, 2022

LNG markets are in the spotlight after the Russia-Ukraine war, with Asia and Europe both competing for limited cargoes.  A harsher than expected winter may trigger unprecedented changes in LNG trade flows and force many Asian governments to implement contingency measures to tackle power outages.

In a discussion ahead of...

Oct 10, 2022

With global container shipping costs coming down, European polymer markets are seeing offers of material from the Far East rise, adding pressure to prices in an already over supplied environment.

Platts Petrochemicals editors Abdulaziz Ehtaiba, Hui Heng and Daniel Pelosi, and Containers editor George Griffiths talk...

Oct 4, 2022

As gas supply disruptions send shockwaves across the world, the ability and capacity to store energy has come under close scrutiny.

Associate Director Paul Hickin discusses with gas and power editors Stuart Elliott and Kira Savcenko whether Europe has enough energy in reserve to get through the winter, the challenges...